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Atmiya Aqua & Trading

Nizampura Main Road, Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat - 390024, India

Mobile : +91-9067272768

Atmiya Aqua & Trading, located at Vadodara, Gujarat.

We are dealing with the most important thing in human life – our drinking water.

In India the quality of drinking water is decreasing day by day. Many type of pollution including industrial waste, pesticides, harmful chemicals etc. are mixing and making water more and more acidic. This acidic water is the main cause of many disease including most dangerous – the cancer.

Right now only two technologies available in India, either R. O. (Reverse Osmosis) or Water Purifier. This techniques can make water clean from harmful virus, bacteria and with use of filters it can produce clean water.
But again the acidic waste remains as it is in water, and make it harmful for our health.

So, you are drinking clean water but IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH… and unknowingly we all are drinking acidic water.

In the water ionizer, the technology is very different. It can move off the acidic waste from clean water by process of electrolysis and produce pure and healthy drinking water. After pass through the electrolysis unit three unique properties develop in your drinking water viz. Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant and Micro-Clustered.

We are providing knowledge about various products related to the most important thing – OUR DRINKING WATER.

So feel free to contact us and get knowledge about the latest technology which can convert DEAD water into LIVING STREAM OF HEALTH.

Knowledge is free…. And the diseases are expensive BECAUSE PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THEN CURE.


Name of CEO Mr. Jitesh A Pandya
Year of Establishment 2015
Nature of Business Supplier